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" The sad thing about the world of cookie cutter software products, is that most companies spend their time reacting to problems, versus being able to take action in the things that will drive their company forward "

Software Solutions Tailored To The Needs Of Your Business

Our quick process of diagnosing problems, and implementing cheaper and more efficient solutions is something that every business should consider.

Custom software development

Custom Software Development


In addition to optimizing or changing your current software stack, Flovient has in-house developers ready to develop your own custom solutions.

- CRMs
- ERPs
- Order Management
- Scheduling
- Employee Management
- Inventory Tracking 
- Project Management
- Data Analytics
- KPI tracking

+ anything you can think of under one centralized platform designed to your exact specifications

01. B&T Translators

Business and Technology Translators: The Flovient team has extensive backgrounds in business development, operations, and software development. We know what it takes to run a business, but more importantly, optimize workflows in order to cut costs and create efficiency. Most software development teams outsource production and lack the ability to effectively communicate with their clients. If your software providers do not understand your niche inside and out, it is impossible for them to provide solutions that can allow your company to reach its full potential. 

02. Automate Processes 

Flovient will either take your current business processes and automate them into digital systems, or create new centralized processes that are both efficient, fully custom, and all-encompassing. If you do not know where to start, the Flovient team can consult you on ways to organize and aggregate your data into a readable and accessible format to achieve instant insight into any division of your company. In addition, the Flovient team can create SOPs specifically designed for your custom software so that employees understand the most productive way to interact with the platform.  We know that time is the number one asset in any business, and Flovient's goal is to streamline your data and processes in the most efficient and personalized command and control structure. 

03. Integrate Data

In the last 15 years, most businesses have transferred the vast majority of their data into a variety of digital products. Most companies use 5-10 different services with no centralized location where all of their data lives. Flovient can take all of your disparate data sources and aggregate them on one platform where your employees can interact with it. From API's to data manually entered by your employees, our custom software organizes all of your data in the exact way you desire. For every division of your company, and every type of data, Flovient has you covered in an easy-to-use platform specifically tailored to your niche.

Custom software development

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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You and Your Team's Time is Vital

We know that anything that saves time saves money. At most companies, almost half of an employee's day is dedicated to either inputting manual data or switching back and forth from service to service which not only decreases efficiency but destroys the ability of your employees to produce. You hired your employees because you believed that their unique perspective, background, and hard work bring value to your company as a whole. Flovient's custom software solutions allow your employees to unlock their full potential and spend their time focusing on innovation and problem solving rather than acting as glorified data input monkeys.  




Our team has years of experience running profitable companies and creating custom software. Years ago when we first started running our own business we reached out to 30+ "custom" software companies, and they offered expensive cookie-cutter solutions that did not align with the needs of our niche. We decided to create our own fully custom software that was created exactly to our specifications and realized that there was a massive hole in the market for truly custom software that is business minded. No matter how unique your niche we've seen it all. 


We have now fully entered the digital age. Many companies are beginning to modernize their business practices and are uncertain about the path to take when there are so many digital services that promise to revolutionize operations in the most efficient way possible. Why pay separately for a CRM, ERP, accounting, order management, scheduling, employee management, and inventory tracking services, when you can have one platform that organizes, aggregates, and integrates all of your data into one centralized platform specifically tailored to your niche?


If companies do not begin to make changes in the way they interact with the digital sphere they will be left in the dust. In the end, efficiency wins.  You and your employees cannot spend your time closing deals, innovating, and growing your company when half of your day is spent combing through unorganized data and manually uploading essential information. 

Craig Hartman

CEO of Preferred LLC

“When I met with the Flovient team I instantly got the impression of competence and creativity. They not only were able to optimize the current products we use, and cut out the ones we didn't need, but they built us a custom tool that was delivered within 3 weeks and saved my employees an inordinate amount of time on a daily basis. For example, our sales team was spending 4 hours a day inputting data into our CRM, and Flovient decreased that time to around 20 minutes. The value that Flovient added to our company is almost priceless" 

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